Archive | February 13, 2009

Bovard Book Title Contest -$100 prize

I am finishing up a new book and am seeking suggestions for a snappy book title. The book’s essays deal with the fraud of idealism,  how truth is perverted in Washington, the political sanction for mass killing,  why power corrupts,  Leviathan-loving intellectuals, the fatal myths of democracy,   and other cheery topics.   My tentative title is […]

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Epigrams from The Bush Betrayal (2004)

Here’s the second installment for Epigram Month.  These are from The Bush Betrayal (Palgrave, 2004).   Some of the Bush-specific epigrams will seem a bit dated, but then so is Bush. As with the first list I posted –   I’d appreciate folks’ thoughts on whether any of the listed epigrams are clunkers and should be dropped. Are there […]

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