Only Six People on Earth do Not Hate Verizon

New York Times’ technology columnist David Pogue had a great post last month entitled: “Verizon’s New Motto: Why Not Be Evil?”

Pogue detailed an egregious Verizon bushwhacking of its customers – and then suggested the policy change was because “Verizon heard that there were six people left on Earth who didn’t have a reason to dislike it.”

My recollection was that the original version of Pogue’s blog said “hate,” not “dislike,” but my memory might be wrong on this.

I write this as I sit interminably on ‘hold’ for an operator to unscrew their latest snafu. And I hear this perky announcement: “As always, privacy of your acount is your right and our duty.”

Unless, of course, Verizon can profit from betraying its customers to Uncle Sam.

For the record, I am not one of those six people.

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