Archive | November 24, 2010

TSA: Attitude Fines for Complaining About Being Molested

The Transportation Security Administration has a long history of stretching power far past the bounds of sense of decency. This 2008 piece from the Future of Freedom Foundation’s Freedom Daily exposes the perils of a bad atttiude at the airport.. Freedom Daily, June 2008 Federal Attitude Police by James Bovard The Transportation Security Administration has […]

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TSA Screeners’ Forgotten 2004 Luggage Theft Rampage

On this first National Opt-Out Day, good Americans are supposed to blindly trust the Transportation Security Administration. But the TSA has had far more scandals than the media chooses to admit – or remember. Following is a piece I wrote for the New York Times in August 2004 on the nationwide epidemic of baggage looting […]

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