Oh! That’s a War! (Somalia, Yemen, Etc.)

This great Gahan Wilson cartoon from the January 3, 2011 New Yorker captures the cluenessness (real or pretended) of Washington policymakers who pretend that U.S. drones and bombing raids on foreign countries are merely expressions of American good will…


One Response to Oh! That’s a War! (Somalia, Yemen, Etc.)

  1. Tory II January 5, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    Today’s drones are only the evolutionary beginning of what will someday be used to spy on all of us all the time. They will record the crimes, the evidence, and the assasinations of future generations of Americans (by the govt). There are people in Amerika who will love it.

    The gun-hating pacifist is as deadly as is the typical sociopath or psychopath.

    The only thing that will instill enough fear in our govt is a sophisticated armed society. Common handguns, muskets, or single shot manual bolt action rifles are not what I’m referring to.

    Someday, someone, maybe someone’s kid, will be executed by drone fired missile right here in the good ole USA. His corpse will disappear into a cloud of dust.

    Govt is always our worst enemy.