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Assassination Jubilation

At this critical time in our history, we are very lucky that both our president and his killer drones are infallible. I am surprised at how most of the mainstream media is reacting to the U.S. government’s killing of two American citizens – Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki and magazine editor Samir Khan. (I wrote about […]

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Daily Bell Interview: Life is Too Short to Drink Bad Beer

The good folks at Daily Bell interviewed me last week. Here is the result: James Bovard on His Famous Libertarian Books, America’s Failing Freedom and ‘Why Life Is too Short to Drink Bad Beer’Sunday, September 25, 2011 – with Anthony Wile Introduction: James Bovard is the author of nine books, including Attention Deficit Democracy (2006), […]

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New Book: Szasz Quotationary: The Wit and Wisdom of Thomas Szasz

One of the most eloquent defenders of freedom has a new book that captures the breadth of his thought over more than 5 decades. The Szasz Quotationary: The Wit and Wisdom of Thomas Szasz has just been released in Kindle form. You can purchase the book from Amazon here. Though Szasz is a native Hungarian, […]

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