Super Committee Was a Fraud from the Get Go

From an interview with Press TV earlier today –
James Bovard, policy advisor for The Future of Freedom Foundation in an interview with Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Tuesday said that “a lot of folks had high expectations from the congressional super committee to reduce the federal deficit. I figured it would be a fraud from the get go and that is what it has turned out to be.”

Bovard said that this was further proof that there was almost no political courage in Washington D.C. as far as admitting the damage the Congress and the federal government was doing to the American economy.

He continued that the Democrats and the Republicans had not been honest with the American people, adding that “neither party is taking responsibility for the damage that they’ve helped inflict on our economy and Americans have a lot less economic opportunity now than they had twenty or thirty years ago, partly because the politicians of both parties, have been running the American economy into the ground.”


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