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C-SPAN Booknotes: Terrorism & Tyranny (2003 transcript)

I came across this transcript this morning and figured it was worth sending around the track one more time. You can watch the video from this interview here – Brian Lamb’s views come through more clearly on tape than in the transcript. One of my favorite comments he made: “Well, your sense of humor — […]

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EEOC’s Forgotten Racial Racketeering

The Future of Freedom Foundation posted online today this article from the November issue of Freedom Daily – The EEOC’s Forgotten Racial Racketeering by James Bovard Few federal agencies have a more brazen history of trampling due process and basic fairness than the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. From the time the EEOC was created in […]

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The Fed is Wrecking Our Economy

My two cents on the latest humbug from Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke: In an interview with Press TV on Thursday, James Bovard, a policy advisor for The Future of Freedom Foundation explained that U.S. Federal Reserve policies are further hurting the U.S. economy rather than improving it. “The Federal Reserve itself has done so […]

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