Laurence Vance’s Excellent New Drug War Book

Laurence Vance, one of the most hard-hitting critics of America’s idiotic wars, has a new book entitled The War on Drugs is a War on Freedom. Laurence does an excellent job of exposing the hypocrisy underlying the drug war, the various ways the drug war subverts the Constitution, and the horrendous effects of our drug war on Mexico and other nations.

Laurence, a devout Christian, also deftly explains why Christians should oppose the drug war.

The book includes a foreword by Jacob Hornberger, who observes that “Vance advocates total drug freedom as far as government intervention is concerned. He rightly mentions that employers, associations, clubs, and any other private entity have the authority to set their own rules in regard to drug use. For instance, an employer could have a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol, tobacco, and drugs and be fully constitutional because they are dictating conduct on their private property. Vance also accurately illustrates the inconsistency of punishing as a crime something that is a vice. In other words, an action that may harm the individual committing it (drug use) is made illegal and punished in the same manner as an action that harms another individual or individuals. After all, crimes such as murder, rape, physical abuse, assault, theft, fraud, etc. harm other people. Drug use, along with drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, an unhealthy diet, bungee jumping, skydiving, etc., can only harm the individual himself and are therefore, except for drug use, not crimes…. Most importantly, Vance’s book forces the reader to think critically about the issue of the federal government’s war on drugs.”

Laurence has also done superb work on the faux patriotism by which churches have become one of the most enthusiastic props of the warfare state.

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