Archive | March 5, 2013

EEOC Vehemently Disagrees with my Wall Street Journal piece

The Wall Street Journal just posted a letter from the EEOC’s chief legal policy advisor vehemently disagreeing with my article on the EEOC campaign to pressure businesses to hire more criminal offenders. Regarding the EEOC lawyer’s final comment – It is unfortunate that Ms. Mastroianni did not specify exactly how much workplace safety the EEOC […]

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Friends of Police Object to Article on Shootings by Police

To my dismay, not everyone agreed with yesterday’s article in the Washington Times.  The Times printed a letter today by a policeman who believed that lawmen deserve special privileges after they shoot citizens: I was really disappointed after reading “Let’s start by controlling police gun violence” by Jim Bovard (Commentary, Monday). Apparently Mr. Bovard’s qualifications […]

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