Archive | June 6, 2013


Latest Wiretap Scandal Part of Long Pattern

So Verizon has been ordered to deliver to the feds the calling records of all its customers.   Appalling but not surprising. Here’s a 2006 piece I wrote on the burgeoning wiretapping scandals for American Conservative.  Here’s a few highlights: * The latest revelations are simply one in a series of revelations of the feds […]

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CEI’s Fred Smith Reviews Public Policy Hooligan

Fred Smith, the founder and chairman of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, reviewed Public Policy Hooligan yesterday.  Thanks a heap, Fred! A rollicking account of a life spent humbling bureaucrats and never taking the bait By Fred L. Smith Jr This review is from: Public Policy Hooligan – Rollicking and Wrangling from Helltown to Washington (Kindle Edition) Jim’s […]

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