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Brian Lewis Kindly Reviews Public Policy Hooligan

Professional pilot, software engineer, and photographer Brian Lewis posted his review of Public Policy Hooligan on Amazon: Unlike other books by Jim Bovard, this one has much personal background. It contains classic Bovard humor and quotable lines, along with a history of what he went through to have reached the pinnacle of his profession. Anyone who’s […]

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Jim Babb Whips Washington on Jury Nullification

Jim Babb could be the most effective libertarian activist in the nation.  Last month, he raised a few thousand dollars on Facebook to put a few posters promoting jury nullification in Washington DC subway stops. Today, the Washington Post reports that Babb’s effort has enraged if not terrified the top federal prosecutor in D.C. courts. […]

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Obama’s Latest Democracy Sham Anti-Gun Charade

From the July edition of FFF‘s Future of Freedom – Obama’s Latest Democracy Sham by James Bovard In his campaign earlier this year to subvert the Second Amendment, Barack Obama unveiled one of the oldest tricks in the demagogue playbook. Speaking in Colorado, he scoffed at Americans who say, “I need a gun to protect […]

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MP3 of Libertas Interview on NSA, Pasties & Freedom

Legendary talk show host Brian Wilson and I had a rowdy discussion today about this past weekend’s anti-NSA protests. Brian’s expertise as a top-ranked Baltimore radio host in the 1990s came in handy when we thrashed out how the NSA wiretapping relates to freedom of expression and pasties. (I checked the spelling after the show.) […]

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Our Foreign Aid & Obama’s Drone License to Kill

Here’s a refutation to those cynics who claim that America gets no benefit from our foreign aid payoffs – (cartoon by Heng from the New York Times) And here’s another jibe at drones from Saturday’s Stop Watching Us rally in Washington –

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Photos from Today’s Stop Watching Us Rally in DC

Hundreds of folks turned out today in DC to protest NSA surveillance.   The sign makers outdid themselves for this worthy cause — Marching from Union Station to the base of Capitol Hill…     Plenty of “Thank You Snowden” signs in today’s crowd… Kelley Vlahos, the only journalist adept enough to write for both […]

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beirut bombing 1983 628x471

30 Years Ago: U.S. Marines Bombed in Beirut

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut. The incursion into Lebanon was one of the biggest debacles of the Reagan administration.  Unfortunately, though Reagan eventually recognized his folly and pulled troops out, other presidents did not recognize the tragic lessons of the pointless loss of American troops. […]

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