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Mutts reason to write content

Why Do People Write?

Okay, so most writers don’t do muckraking or op-eds.  But for those who do… And then there’s one of my ol’ favorites from Charles Schulz….

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EEOC: Destroying Freedom For Equal Opportunity

From the Future of Freedom Foundation‘s magazine – DESTROYING FREEDOM IN THE NAME OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITY by James Bovard The Obama administration is finding new ways to use civil-rights laws to attack freedom and common sense. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) last year issued a byzantine “enforcement guidance” to browbeat businesses into ceasing to […]

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Great Cartoon on our Obscene Surveillance State

This great cartoon from Tom Toles this morn almost compensated for all the idiotic editorials the Washington Post publishes on Syria and other subjects. The only thing the cartoon was missing was a couple of deranged TSA agents descending on the spectator to force him to produce a DNA sample. Scott Adams has done a […]

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New NSA Lies Exposed Just Before Obama “Credibility” Speech

To help set the tone for Obama’s lecture to Americans’ tonight about the importance of government credibility, the National Security Agency just released a batch of documents that shows another slop bucket of government lies (covered up by the Obama admin.) I assume that Obama will spend the first five or ten minutes of tonight’s […]

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arab cover bush betrayal 5600940895_b3e4f030b4

Syrian Review of my Bush Betrayal

Six years ago, the Syrian newspaper Al-Thawrah reviewed the Arabic edition of Bush Betrayal, published by the Arab Scientific Publishers in Beirut. For some reason, the book evoked more enthusiasm in Syria than it did in some circles in the United States. Never could figure that one out. Here’s the link to the original review, […]

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Podcast with Brian Wilson on Obama’s Syria War Malarkey

In a Libertas Media interview this afternoon, Brian Wilson and I took turns paying disrespects to Obama’s push for war against Syria. It is unlikely that the White House will recruit either one of us for its future publicity campaigns. You can download or listen to the @30 minute podcast by clicking here.

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