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Great Antiwar Protest At White House During Obama Speech

Leftists, Code Pink, and a smattering of conservatives and libertarians staged a vociferous protest outside the White House while President Obama made his Syria speech this afternoon. The police forcibly cleared the street (though not the sidewalk) shortly before Obama began talking. Some folks suggested that Obama might have delayed his speech because of the […]

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On Syria, Don’t Trust Our Warring Policymakers

As of this moment, Obama is lurching towards piously slaughtering Syrians. The Washington Post noted this morning that the administration “disdains Assad request on inspections.” In other words, it is important to start the killing before the evidence is in. Obama declared yesterday on the PBS Newshour that the evidence was definite linking the Assad […]

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Drug Courier Profiles Begot Terrorist Watch Lists

From the Future of Freedom Foundation – HOW DRUG-COURIER PROFILES BEGOT TERRORIST WATCH LISTS by James Bovard Friends of freedom have been chagrined over the past decade to learn that federal terrorist watch lists incorporate criteria — such as openly praising the Constitution or the Second Amendment — that put them in the crosshairs. More […]

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National security agency United States of America

What NSA Crime Spree Will be Revealed Today?

What National Security Agency crime spree will be exposed today? What crime will James Clapper next admit to inadvertently committing? And what howler will Obama next uncork to try to cloak his complicity in trampling the Constitution?      

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My 2007 FFF Speech Transcript: Foreign Warring vs. American Freedom

  Here is the transcript from my speech on  “How Foreign Warring Subverts Freedom at Home” from the June 2007 The Future of Freedom Foundation conference on Restoring the Republic. This has lots of remarks about the NSA scandal, torture, the suspension of habeas corpus, and other cheerful topics.   There were some excellent questions after the speech […]

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