Archive | August 12, 2013

My 2 Cents on HUD’s Latest Power Grab

The Christian Science Monitor had an excellent article on Friday by Patrik Johnsson on HUD’s latest attempt to inflict fairness on American society.  His story included a few quotes from me and Downsize DC’s Jim Babka.  Christian Science Monitor August 9, 2013 Friday ‘Fair’ housing or ‘social engineering’? HUD proposal stirs controversy    A new HUD […]

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Me & Alice Cooper in Ritzy Greenwich, Connecticut

The Wall Street Journal had a piece on Friday about how Alice Cooper and his band rented a mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut in the early 1970s. Greenwich was known as one of the richest, most exclusive cities in the nation at that time. Cooper and his hell-raising cohorts did not blend in seamlessly. That article […]

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