Lost Rights Epigrams JPEG

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The Founding Fathers looked at the liberties they were losing, while modern Americans focus myopically on the freedoms they still retain.

Is the fiction of majority rule more valuable than the reality of individual choice?

The criminal justice system is increasingly like a socialist factory that disregards everything except the sheer quantity of convictions produced.

The war on drugs is a civil war to uphold politicians’ absolute power over citizens’ own bodies.

It is important to have a sounder distinction between democracy and thievery than simply counting votes.

The key to contemporary American political thinking is the neutering of the State — the idea that modern government has been defanged, domesticated, tamed.

A law is simply a reflection of the momentary perception of self-interest by a majority of a legislative body.

Without a realistic concept of government, political philosophy is only an exercise in moral aesthetics.

Government is a far more effective tool for preventing harm than for achieving good.

Politicians almost always profit from their restrictions on other people’s freedom.

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