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USA TODAY: Boy Scouts Should Hang Tough

USA TODAY, May 12, 2015 Boy Scouts should stay tough, not pander to gender gap by James Bovard Scout leadership is turning Boy Scouts into kale — nutritious, but blech The Boy Scouts are once again reforming themselves into oblivion. With falling enrollment nationwide, the Scouts are desperate for good publicity. Their latest politically correct […]

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Counterpunch: Will Vagina Voters Devour Democracy?

 COUNTERPUNCH, MAY 12, 2015 Has Hillary Finally Found Her Brand? Will “Vagina Voters” Devour Democracy? by JAMES BOVARD Wear gloves on Election Day! “Fat-O-Sphere” author Kate Harding announced plans to “vote with my vagina” for Hillary Clinton. Harding said  her voting was guided in part by her difficult menstrual cycles. I wonder who she would vote […]

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