MP3 – Talking Govt. Waste on Penn. Radio

I want to thank host Doug Herendeen of WRTA News Talk 1240 radio in Altoona, PA for having me on his show to pay our respects to government waste. We had fun talking about my recent U.S. News article on the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation and why it is so difficult to end wasteful government spending.  When Congress passes a huge omnibus bill, it is sometimes impossible to learn which politician finagled each spending windfall.   This is one of the few wasteful spending issues that President Obama opposes.

Doug zeroed in on an award the foundation gave to “students in Roan Mountain, Tennessee, for a solar-powered device to alert people that playground equipment surfaces become hot during sunny summer days.” He suggested that there was no need for a federal program to notify kids of the peril of a hot sliding board. I agreed: “Butts are very good warning systems – much more reliable than the federal government.”

You can listen or download the interview – roughly 17 minutes long – by clicking below:

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Doug Herendeen, WRTA Radio Host


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