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Bombing Libya vs. the Beefy Beauty Queen

The media is far more upset about Trump’s comments about a 1996 beefy beauty contestant than about Hillary Clinton’s carnage in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and other places. My question for Hillary Clinton supporters: How many innocent people is a progressive prez candidate permitted to kill? Josef Stalin supposedly said: “A Single Death is […]

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Carping on the Trump-Clinton First Debate

Post-debate verdict: Cynicism won last night. Neither candidate looked trustworthy with more power than commanding a toy fleet in a bathtub. Trump reminded me at times of a Washington Redskins safety missing easy open field tackles of a slow-moving opposing quarterback. Hillary’s powerlust peaked through at times in a way that chilled anyone who not […]

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FFF: TSA Treats Americans like Gitmo Detainees

  Future of Freedom Foundation TSA Treats Americans like Gitmo Detainees by James Bovard If you use hand sanitizer when traveling, the Transportation Security Administration can badger you as if you were a terrorist suspect. The TSA is the biggest hassle most Americans will encounter when they fly. I learned that first-hand while flying home […]

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Hillary Inspires Best Cartoon of the Year?

Hillary’s pratfall at the 9/11 memorial service yesterday spurred this daily cartoon in the New Yorker – And here’s a few of my tweets on this topic – So @HillaryClinton was only doing an Ali-style "Rope-a-Dope" fake on 9/11? "Alert the whole time" sez spokesman — James Bovard (@JimBovard) September 12, 2016 Any analysis […]

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