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Bill Schulz Tribute in American Conservative

The American Conservative, August 2, 2019 This Reader’s Digest Editor Was One Tough, Conservative Cookie Bill Schulz, who died July 22, wasn’t afraid to publish articles taking down government boondoggles in America’s most accessible magazine. By Jim Bovard • August 2, 2019 ++Photo: Bill Schulz. (Courtesy of Jim Bovard) My old friend Bill Schulz passed […]

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Yosemite Overlook shrunk0001

Photos from Nevada, Death Valley, Yosemite, and San Francisco

After speaking at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, I drove north past the official Area 51 Alien Cathouse, sliced across Death Valley (plot thickened by the malfunctioning Chevy S.U.V. engine warning light), drove up through the eastern Sierras (an absolutely glorious and underrated destination), visited Yosemite, and concluded with a couple days in San Francisco, […]

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