MP3 REAL I.D. Rampage – Scott Horton Show Interview

My old friend Scott Horton interviewed me on my article on how the REAL I.D. Act is sowing chaos around the nation.  Here’s the summary from Scott’s website:

Jim Bovard talks about the federal pressure for states to comply with their “REAL ID” laws, which place higher standards on proving one’s identity and may require the submission of fingerprints or even DNA samples. Bovard reminds us that even if the requirements aren’t so onerous at first, these laws could easily be used as a precedent to ram through more Orwellian standards in the future. Bovard also comments on the recent rallies in Virginia against the state’s proposed gun control measures.

You can listen to the show by clicking here

Scott is doing great work leading the Libertarian Institute, which is gaining visibility faster than Washington is losing credibility.


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