Corbett Report Podcast on the Dark History of the Census

James Corbett has one of the best and most thoughtful podcasts anywhere and he kindly had me on his show, the Corbett Report, last night to discuss the dark history of the U.S. Census.  More than a hundred million households will receive census forms starting tomorrow, and the Census Bureau assures people that their privacy is protected by law. Ya, just like their Fourth Amendment rights against warrantless searches.  The Census Bureau brazenly violated federal law to help the Army roundup Japanese-Americans who were sent into concentration camps for the duration of World War Two.  Some folks say that is ancient history but the Census Bureau lied about its role for more than 60 years.  Facebook announced a “census suppression policy” to censor criticisms of the Census on its platform, as have other social media giants (I discussed that in my recent American Conservative article, “The Census and Facebook: Working Hand-in-Glove to Censor the Internet.”

OK, I need to work on the lighting in my office. Next time.

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One Response to Corbett Report Podcast on the Dark History of the Census

  1. MrLiberty March 12, 2020 at 7:57 pm #

    The Constitution demands an accurate count for apportionment of Congress. Not only has the number of House “Representatives” been FIXED since 1911, but it stopped being just about a count long ago. Leave it to government to use every tool possible to subvert freedom and liberty at every turn. It is true what they say – government is the opposite of freedom, and less government = more freedom and more freedom = less government. Thanks for keeping everyone up to speed on their ongoing crime sprees (that NEVER end, regardless of which “better” major party sits on the throne.