MP3 Bashing TSA, Rioters, and Boy Scout Virtue Signaling with Salem Radio’s Dan Proft

My final summer at Camp Rock Enon, 1970, shortly before finishing requirements for Eagle

Chicago AM 560 and Salem Radio host Dan Proft and I had fun in this 13 minute interview hammering the TSA, statue-hating rioters, overheated school reformers, and Boy Scout leaders who are virtue-signaling the Scouts into extinction.   The Scouts announced last week that they will require a new “Diversity and Inclusion” merit badge to qualify for Eagle rank.   Will the new merit badge feature ashes and sackcloth, or what? 

The skills I most enjoyed learning in the Scouts – building fires, camping in winter, shooting white water rapids in a canoe – involved getting your hands dirty and surviving bumps and bruises. While attending a National Scout Jamboree in Idaho, I also learned how much I dislike marching in step with thousands of other people. Scouting taught me to view minor hardships simply as transaction costs for great adventures. The Scouts are ill-advised to shift away from their rough-and-tumble heritage. The people who hate the Scouts will never be mollified no matter how much groveling Scout leaders do to the latest social justice warrior fashions.
You can listen or download the interview by clicking below



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