MP3 Fighting Treason with Hell-raising Host Ernie Hancock

Freedoms Phoenix hellraising host Ernie Hancock and I had fun this morning smacking around treason and controversies over the 2020 presidential election.  My coffeemaker malfunctioned so my recall on the 1790s Alien and Sedition Acts was almost as bad as a PBS historian.  That coffee sho

Two-thirds through the show, I commented, “The only thing that the Washington media has learned from the Trump era is to put the federal government on a higher pedestal once Biden is sworn in.”  The media will respond to the Biden era like it is time to trust the feds again.  “But every president has too much power and every president is irresponsible.”

Today’s interview discussed my AIER piece on “Congressional Hypocrisy and Hysteria and the Coming Crackdown”     and my story today on American Conservative on “Collective Guilt and the New Witch Hunt.”

In the final segment of the show, Ernie had excellent comments on Arizona’s electoral frauds and vote rigging, drawing on his experience of 30 years as a state wide and local political candidate.   I especially appreciated his comment about the process for verifying mail-in ballots.

Ernie said during a break that “you have the look” to fit in if I move back to the mountains.  Maybe I should finally replace my profile picture with that tuxedo shot.

While Democrats may want to lynch me for my comments on treason and the election, some conservatives may want to lynch me for my comment about Bill Clinton (the only recent president who seemed to have a clue about much of what the federal government did).


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