Congratulations to the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance held their 20th anniversary dinner on Saturday night at Murphy’s Taproom in Bedford, NH.  The NHLA is one of the most effective pro-freedom organizations in America.   NHLA sets the gold standard for dogged, savvy, and principled opposition to political oppression and bureaucratic knavery.

Rich Tomasso, the founder of NHLA, recounted the early challenges the organization faced. He explained the principles and methods which allowed NHLA to thwart both government agencies and plenty of well-funded political opponents.  , talk. NHLA has become a political powerhouse in the Granite State.    Hopefully NHLA puts his speech online to allow activists far beyond New England to savor his insights.

NHLA Chair Melissa Creem did a masterful job of organizing the dinner and making sure it ran smoothly & happily.  Her speech recapped the stunning achievements of NHLA — constitutional carry for New Hampshire residents, home schooling breakthroughs, enacting a curb on the governor’s emergency powers to prevent a repeat of Covid policy debacles, a food freedom act, universal license reciprocity, etc.  Jason Sorens, the founder of the Free State Project, was the emcee and added good humor and thoughtful comments throughout the evening.

Photo by NHLA 2023

NHLA awarded its 2023 Legislator of the Year title to NH State Rep Josh Yokela.  NHLA compiles an annual Liberty Rating to hold the fire to legislators’ feet (or other body parts if necessary).  There were enough NH legislators in attendance to fill a beer tent or two.

My old friend Brian Lewis was one of the sponsors of the Saturday’s event.   He is a former jet pilot who is also a superb photographer (Sports Illustrated published his work).   He and I share an appreciation of zesty humor that Facebook would ban.

I spoke after dinner on Biden’s censorship regime and its grave peril to freedom.   The audience was extremely well-informed and understood the dangers of federal blindfolds.  The questions from attendees after the speech were some of the most thought-provoking queries I’ve heard in years.   One NH legislator asked why I had not moved to their state.  I explained that, under the terms of my parole, I am confined to Maryland.

I wish NHLA another 20 years of success. And I hope the NHLA model can be adapted by freedom fighters in states across the nation.


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2 Responses to Congratulations to the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

  1. JdL July 26, 2023 at 12:59 pm #

    Wow, those ARE an impressive set of accomplishments from the NHLA, in a state which is often schizophrenic at best with regard to its purported motto “Live Free or Die”. Is there a video of your speech?

    • Jim July 26, 2023 at 1:26 pm #

      Agreed on the impressive accomplishments.

      There was a videographer there – along with a very savvy photographer. Not sure if a video will be available from the event.