Archive | December 27, 2023

Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 08-33-04 Something Completely Different With Brian Wilson on Apple Podcasts

Putting the Fork in 2023 on the Brian Wilson Podcast

Brian Wilson and I put 2023 out of its misery on his podcast today on what he labeled the  “Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier Memorial episode.”  In his intro to the show, Brian announced that I was “celebrating his new contract to reprise his role as Santa Claus next year at the Dundalk Dollar General and […]

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gardner goldsmith

Talking “Last Rights” with Gardner Goldsmith on the David Knight Show

Gardner Goldsmith kindly had me on the David Knight show today to talk about Last Rights. We had plenty of laughs amidst the smackdowns of politicians and bureaucrats. I appreciate Gard’s fervor for freedom and his disdain for tyranny of all stripes. Here’s the link to the Bitchute video version: Here’s a link to […]

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