Busting Biden’s Blarney SOTU on Philly Radio

Dom Giordano and I had fun smacking Biden’s State of the Union speech today on WPHT Philly radio.

Here’s the WPHT summary of the show: Dom welcomes author James Bovard back onto the Dom Giordano Program after he penned a piece for the New York Post exposing ‘shrinkflation’ as nothing more than a political buzzword. First, Bovard tells about his new book Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty, which provides an insight into the infringements on freedom made by the Biden administration. Then, Dom and Jim delve into last night’s State of the Union address, discussing what’s happening in the economy and the Biden administrations direct impact on the continued inflation.

Dom asked how often I wrote for NY Post. I said I averaged roughly once a week added that NY Post editors “have been very good to work with. Part of what is great about them is that those folks tolerate my sense of humor.”

You can download or listen to the interview by clicking the following link




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