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Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 18-38-56 James Bovard Explains Biden's Role in Runaway Inflation - The Dom Giordano Program

Hammering Biden’s Inflation Bust on Dom Giordano Show

Dom Giordano welcomes in author and political commentator James Bovard, who penned a piece for the New York Post this week that lays forth how the Biden administration is responsible for the runaway inflation that we’re seeing. Bovard goes in depth into our country’s inflation, explaining why the potential for a federal rate reduction this […]

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Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 15-49-41 James Bovard Exposes 'Shrinkflation ' Reviews Biden's SOTU Address - The Dom Giordano Program

Busting Biden’s Blarney SOTU on Philly Radio

Dom Giordano and I had fun smacking Biden’s State of the Union speech today on WPHT Philly radio. Here’s the WPHT summary of the show: Dom welcomes author James Bovard back onto the Dom Giordano Program after he penned a piece for the New York Post exposing ‘shrinkflation’ as nothing more than a political buzzword. […]

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Thumping Federal Censors on Philly Radio

Philadelphia conservative dynamo Rich Zeoli had me back on his 1210 WPHT talk show today to discuss federal censorship and its role in the 2020 elections.  Pennsylvania was a key swing state for Biden and the state saw several lawsuits and quirky court rulings on mail-in ballots.   We didn’t even get to the Fetterman campaign […]

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