Brian Lewis on Last Rights: “Masterpiece of Research and Brilliant Writing”

Brian Lewis is a former jet pilot and star tuba player for the Ohio State marching band. Brian is also the treasurer of the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, one of the most effective pro-freedom organizations in America.  The photo below is from his spiel at the 20th anniversary dinner for the Alliance when he was introducing me.   He kindly reviewed Last Rights on Good Reads

Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty
by James Bovard

Brian Lewis‘s review  March 20, 2024

“This book is a masterpiece of thorough research, extraordinary analysis, and brilliant writing.

“Last Rights” is a clever non-secular play on “Lost Rights,” the title of a previous book by Mr. Bovard. In “Last Rights,” he shows how the government, often under the color of law, has trampled the rights of citizens. Covering topics including asset forfeiture, government schools, the DEA, the FBI, the Covid response debacle, police misconduct, unaccountable unelected government bureaucrats, the TSA, government subsidies, warrantless searches, and government secrecy and censorship, he documents how the Constitution is routinely violated, especially the first, second, fourth, and fifth amendments. In addition, the book explains how the American people are now divided into two groups – those who have political power (and immunity), and the rest of us. In politicians’ pursuit of power, the civil and constitutional rights of citizens are mere inconveniences.

If the people don’t wake up, it could be last rites for American liberty.”

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