Talking Last Rights on the Geopolitics & Empire Podcast

Hearty thanks to Hrvoje Morić  for inviting me on to his excellent podcast, Geopolitics and Empire. We had a rattling good chat, smacking around politicians, bureaucrats, and plenty other rascals.  Here is his summary of the show:

James Bovard discusses his new book on the death of liberty in America. The U.S. government has become an oppressive force which steals upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars annually from its citizens through civil asset forfeiture, silences Americans through its Orwellian Ministry of Truth, and imposes burdensome security theater (e.g. TSA) among many other forms of tyranny. He describes the attempts to take guns away and whether he thinks they will succeed, this idea of a second civil war, and how people were stampeded into submission on Covid. There is no substitute for courage and self-reliance is part of that. The death of liberty in America is not foreordained.

You can listen & download the podcast by clicking the following link:


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