Trouncing NPR and Positive Thinking on the Brian Wilson Podcast

The Two and Only — Brian Wilson and James Bovard S3 Ep 15

Unrestricted! Unmoderated! Unappreciated! The Two and Only settle the NPR Fiasco and Biden’s “New Guinea Uncle Bosie Diet” (not recommended).   Check out the BrianWilsonWrites Substack.
You can listen to the 30 minute podcast by downloading or clicking here

Brian launched the show by announcing that there were “only 200 vote-stealing days until November.”

Brian compared me to 1950s/1960s TV star Gabby Hayes. I didn’t recognize that name because I “grew up up on the side of a mountain that didn’t get too many TV channels.” (True story.)

Talking about NPR, we both hat-tipped to the talent of Garrison Keillor, while avoiding endorsing his proclivities.

We recapped the TED talk by NPR chief Katherine Maher. I mentioned the New Yorker cartoon that said the hidden theme  of every TED Talk is that the speaker is a genius.

And why in hell do TED talks never have hecklers?

Maher was chief of Wikipedia before getting the NPR gig.  She complained that Wikipedia entries relied on “written sources” instead of “oral traditions.” I mentioned that there were “some oral traditions about my youth that would make really good” nuggets for Wikipedia entries..

Brian mentioned the talk that Biden might declare a climate energy emergency, spurred by young supporters and the Sunrise Movement.

I commented, “If Biden declares a national climate emergency and seizes dictatorial powers over election procedures and compels people to vote by mail instead of in person or things like that, there would be a total collapse in credibility. And I think that the ruckus in January 2021 would be child’s play compared to what happened after that. There’s already so much distrust and so much bad faith across the political spectrum.”

Brian asked what was my “worst case scenario” for 2024.

I replied, “The worst case might be if Donald Trump is jailed with all these trials and gets ‘Jeffrey-Epsteined’ behind bars. And so you have a death of a leading presidential candidate behind closed doors and nobody knows nothing. That could play really badly.”


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