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Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 13-40-30 USA Today's James Bovard on the latest Twitter Files

Bashing Federal Censorship and Ballot-rigging on Chicago Radio

Dan Proft and I had fun smacking around federal censors on his Chicago Morning Answer AM560 Radio Show this morn. Sad to see how quickly the standards for reliable elections have fallen in this nation. And we still have Biden yelping about “Jim Crow 2.0.” Interview spurred by my New York Post piece, “Twitter Files […]

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Warnock Vote for me Get $2000 campaign flier

New York Post: Brace for More Biden Vote-Buying in Georgia

New York Post, November 19, 2022 Brace for more Biden vote-buying to save Dems’ Georgia Senate seat By James Bovard President Joe Biden is tottering on the edge of his most inefficient vote-buying binge yet. As the runoff race for Georgia’s Senate seat enters its final weeks, the Biden administration may rubberstamp a nationwide handout […]

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New York Post: Cynics Won on Election Day

New York Post, November 10, 2022 The biggest winners of the midterms: cynics who don’t expect better governance By James Bovard Cynics had another great Election Day on Tuesday. Expectations of a vast red wave became little more than scattered sightings of Democratic road kill. President Joe Biden took a “no red wave” victory lap […]

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Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 08-33-04 Something Completely Different With Brian Wilson on Apple Podcasts

Mid-Term Post-Mortem on the Brian Wilson Podcast

Talk Show Legend Brian Wilson and I had too much fun bantering about the mid-term election results.  Our faith in democracy is fully restored, or at least it remains the same as it was pre-election.  Brian has been a friend for almost 30 years and he works valiantly to protect me against my shameless deference […]

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New York Post: Biden’s “Big Lie” on Democracy

New York Post, November 3, 2022 Biden’s ‘Big Lie’ on democracy By James Bovard In a lethargic yet indignant speech Wednesday from Washington’s Union Station, President Biden portrayed Republican voters as a deadly threat to the survival of democracy. But Joe Biden’s version of democracy contains a Montana-sized asterisk that magically exempts himself from his […]

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Screenshot 2022-10-23 at 20-27-00 NYT’s Republicans ‘devil terms’ front page is more media midterm madness

New York Post: NYT’s Republicans ‘devil terms’ front page is more media midterm madness

New York Post, October 23, 2022 NYT’s Republicans ‘devil terms’ front page is more media midterm madness By James Bovard Just in time for Halloween and the congressional midterm elections, The New York Times wallops readers with a front-page story about GOP “devil terms.” Times reporters sifted through millions of documents to prove that Republicans […]

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