N.Y. Post YouTube Video: Biden vexes commoners with yet another election money grab

Biden’s gig in Westchester county, New York last week was the kind of fundraiser that would be a little pricey for me. The general admission price was $3,300 to start and you had to bring your own pretzels. The price topped out at $100,000 and that would definitely be more than what I could afford.”

On the lockdown for the Biden visit: “It was like they had to have a two mile radius to make sure Biden didn’t get hassled by any hecklers. So what I was wondering is should people be honored when their daily schedules are disrupted by the commander-in-chief – kind of like the peasants back in the Middle Ages who were supposed to be grateful if the king’s troops trampled on their crops? Is Biden entitled to force Americans and even Westchester County to pay any price for perpetuating his power?


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