Thumping Politicians, Protectionists, and Pilferers on Chicago Radio with Shaun Thompson

Shaun Thompson and I whupped a bunch of politicians and federal agencies this evening on Chicago’s The Answer AM 560.  Shaun, the host of the Liberty Hour program, mentioned that he first read my articles in Playboy .  He mentioned that before the magazine tanked, it featured transgender models.  I said that Playboy had greatly misread their young male target audience. We smacked around politicians, protectionists and other predators. He asked if it was too late for American liberty to revive and I admitted I didn’t know the answer.  I heartily appreciated Shaun’s kind words for my articles and my books, including the latest, Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty.


You can download or listen to the 19 minute interview by clicking or downloading here

Here is a direct link to the Omny version –



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