Pummeling Politicians, Psychiatrists, Etc. on Chicago Radio MP3

Shaun Thompson and I whupped a bunch of politicians, psychiatrists, and other rascals tonight on his program on  Chicago’s The Answer AM 560.  Shaun, the host of the Liberty Hour program, mentioned seeing drug advertisements on Chicago TV that always end with a high speed list of side effects. I mentioned that a dentist had prescribed Vicodin after a difficult extraction but I stopped taking it after reading that one of the side effects was sudden death.   Talking about the epidemic of mental illness diagnoses, I tossed in a quote from my fav shrink, Thomas Szasz: “Psychiatrists manufacture mental diagnoses the way the Vatican manufactures saints.”  I heartily appreciated Shaun’s kind words for my articles and my books, including the latest, Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty.

You can download or listen to the 14 minute interview by clicking or downloading here



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