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FFF: The Failure of the Americans with Disabilities Act

From the Future of Freedom Foundation – The Failure of the Americans with Disabilities Act by James Bovard The Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted 25 years ago. It promised a brave new era of equality and freedom. Instead, it has spawned endless lawsuits and absurd federal decrees while harming some of the people it […]

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EEOC: Destroying Freedom For Equal Opportunity

From the Future of Freedom Foundation‘s magazine – DESTROYING FREEDOM IN THE NAME OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITY by James Bovard The Obama administration is finding new ways to use civil-rights laws to attack freedom and common sense. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) last year issued a byzantine “enforcement guidance” to browbeat businesses into ceasing to […]

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EEOC Trampling Freedom and Common Sense – Wash. Times

My Tuesday triumph of hope over experience: “Maybe congressmen will take time off from making speeches invoking freedom to actually rein in a federal agency trampling Americans’ rights.” –From today’s Washington Times – BOVARD: Making the workplace friendly for felons U.S. demands ‘no questions asked’ of job applicants by James Bovard Should it be a […]

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My Reply in Wall Street Journal: EEOC Policy Lacks Honesty and Decency

EEOC chief legal policy advisor Peggy Mastroianni complained in her letter published by the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday that my article on EEOC browbeating of businesses was “inflammatory.”  So I aspired for a more subdued tone in my reply to the EEOC, which the Journal published today. **** In her March 6 reply to my […]

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