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Dilbert: You’re Programmed to Scoff at This

Today’s Dilbert cartoon has a wonderful line in the last panel: “And you’re programmed to scoff at what I just said.” Ironically, I often get that same reaction to my articles.  If I had a beer for every time someone labeled me a “crazy old coot” – or   a @#$@$@ SOB etc. – then —    I’d […]

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Wrangling and Rollicking Again on Virginia Radio Network

Libertarian talk show legend Brian Wilson is guest-hosting the  Virginia Institute for Public Policy’s weekly radio broadcast. We had a rattlin’ good time flogging federal agencies, a few presidents, and anyone else conspiring against our rights and liberties. Here is the Institute’s summary of the show: “Jim  Bovard, author of Attention Deficit  Democracy,  engages in […]

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Hooligan: HUD, Me and Stokley Carmichael

Berin Szoka, the president of TechFreedom, quoted from Public Policy Hooligan this morn on Facebook: “There wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that AmeriCorps could upgrade apartments faster than HUD spawned fresh slums. If AmeriCorps recruits really wanted to do something useful, they should go burn down HUD headquarters.” – from Jim Bovard’s new book […]

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Study Proves Nothing More Wholesome Than a Raging Bitch

The New York Times ran an article on a Johns Hopkins University study on the beers most frequently associated with visits to hospital emergency rooms.  This study proves what I have always said:  drinking Raging Bitch is more socially responsible than drinking Budweiser, Colt 45, Bud Ice or Bud Light – which were linked to […]

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#2 5 09 2013 retouched 1986 scandriverIMG_0012

Beer Sampling in Northern Germany 1986

To be honest, I don’t recall if this photo was taken before or after the beer that day. I do recall that I put a dent in the supplies of the Holsten brewery on the banks of the Elbe River. This is one of the dozen or so photos included in Public Policy Hooligan.

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Podcast on Public Policy Hooligan- Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson’s Libertas project is rattling right along. He and I palavered for 40 minutes earlier this week talking about Public Policy Hooligan, Brian’s legendary cursing as a Baltimore radio host, and other zippety topics.  The discussion was fairly high-toned until Brian brought up “Raging Bitch.” You can listen to or download the interview by […]

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