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On C-SPAN Friday morning 8:45, Feb. 11, On Covid Policy

I will be on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow morning from 8:45 to 9:15 a.m.  I will be discussing my USA Today articles on Covid policies with host Greta Brawner. Here is the C-SPAN link on the program.   I will post a link to the program after it is concluded and reposted on the web by […]

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My CSPAN Washington Journal Interview on the War on Terror

Here’s the link for the  video of today’s CSPAN Washington Journal interview on our farcical War on Terror. Host Greta Brawner was great & the callers added spice. I appreciated the chance to talk about how the War on Terror illustrates Attention Deficit Democracy – our government run amok & trampling rights & liberties & the […]

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