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Truth Has No Chance on Capitol Hill

Truth Has No Chance on Capitol Hill by James Bovard | Mar 25, 2024 Americans are encouraged to believe that the U.S. Congress is practically on automatic pilot to serve the public. Happily, most Americans are not so gullible and Congress receives much of the contempt it deserves in public opinion polls. But the media […]

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Guilty But Clueless: Special Counsel Verdict On Biden

Guilty But Clueless: Special Counsel Verdict On Biden by James Bovard, February 12 2024 Did a Special Counsel report officially launch the Biden administration Death Spiral? President Joe Biden is not guilty because he is hopelessly clueless about his own life and career. That is the tacit verdict of Special Counsel Robert Hur, who concluded […]

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Whacking Political Rascals on the Brian Wilson Podcast

Talk Show Legend Brian Wilson and I had fun bantering about the latest damn outrages from Washington and beyond. Commenting on Biden’s classified documents scandal, I groused,  “Following this scandal is kind of frustrating, because it’s like watching the Superbowl with a 30-day delay and a fuzzy video feed.” Here’s the link to the Apple […]

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New York Post: Will “No Regrets” be Biden’s Epitaph?

New York Post, January 22, 2023 Will ‘no regrets’ be Biden’s epitaph as the classified docs pile up? By James Bovard “I have no regrets,” President Joe Biden rotely read from a folder with scripted answers Thursday in California when asked about the classified-document scandal. The next day, FBI agents spent 13 hours searching his […]

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