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My Sordid Bribery History, Biden Scandals, and Mis-Jabbed Nurses – Brian Wilson Podcast

From the BrianWilsonWrites substack: “Indeed a rare Two and Only podcast wherein Jim Bovard actually displays more faith in the House Oversight Committee’s Biden investigation than Brian Wilson! Hear this strange and usual conversation – and the deep background on Jim Bovard’s successful but little-known Kent cigarette Romanian distributorship!” Listen to the podcast at this […]

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Endangering Washington’s Divine Right to Deceive

Mises Institute, April 17, 2023 Endangering Washington’s Divine Right to Deceive by James Bovard Do Americans have the right to know if the $100 billion in their tax dollars that the Biden administration is delivering to Ukraine is being wasted? No, according to the U.S. Congress – which recently voted against creating an Inspector General […]

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Biden’s Sham Summit Won’t Save World Democracy

Libertarian Institute, April 3, 2023 Biden’s Sham Summit Won’t Save World Democracy by Jim Bovard President Joe Biden triumphantly saved world democracy last week (at least according to the White House scorecard). Biden co-hosted another Summit for Democracy, a repeat performance after the December 2021 test run. Biden sounded like a Quaalude Savior as he […]

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New York Post: Still no shame in Hunter Biden’s game

New York Post, December 10, 2022 Still no shame in Hunter Biden’s game By James Bovard When a political shyster has to rely on art critics for character references, you know things are looking grim. The only thing shakier is to count on your daddy’s Justice Department to prove your purity. A New York art […]

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New York Post: Biden Pitches Failed Economic Vision

New York Post, October 28, 2022 Biden pitches failed economic vision in Syracuse By James Bovard President Biden and Gov. Hochul strutted Thursday at a celebration for a future Micron semiconductor plant outside of Syracuse. The groundbreaking for the factory won’t happen until 2024, but Democrats needed something, anything, to pretend they care about the […]

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