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dilbert govt listens to your phone all day cartoon untitled

Dilbert Nails Cell Phone Surveillance

Dilbert has been mocking govt. surveillance of cell phones this week. The FBI-Apple brawl is a hoot – though I am amazed at how many politicians & others still instinctively kowtow to federal intrusions. The government is apparently trustworthy simply because it is a government – regardless of it 7 million prior falsehoods.

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dilbert programmed to scoff 221208_strip

Dilbert: You’re Programmed to Scoff at This

Today’s Dilbert cartoon has a wonderful line in the last panel: “And you’re programmed to scoff at what I just said.” Ironically, I often get that same reaction to my articles.  If I had a beer for every time someone labeled me a “crazy old coot” – or   a @#$@$@ SOB etc. – then —    I’d […]

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