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jb nypost snack attack 3 6 2024 shrinkflation canvas

N.Y. Post: Joe Biden’s State of the Union ‘shrinkflation’ swindle

New York Post, March 6, 2024 Joe Biden’s State of the Union ‘shrinkflation’ swindle  Since Joe Biden became president, the dollar’s purchasing power has shrunk by 18% as Americans suffered the worst inflationary ravages since the Carter era. But that plunge is trivial compared with the nation’s real affliction: Snack companies “charge you just as […]

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Trump Bust, TikTok, Democracy – Brian Wilson Podcast

Former #1 NYC Radio Host Brian Wilson & I have fun smacking Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s Trump bust, the financial crisis, “democracy,” TikTok, and a few innocent bystanders.  Listen to the podcast by clicking here   or – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-week-so-far-brian-wilson-and-james-bovard/id1638506178?i=1000607778723

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New York Post: Liberals and “Will of the People” Malarkey

Biden's #BuildBackBetter relies on “modern monetary theory” — intellectual hucksterism which presumes any election winner is entitled to spend as many dollars as the government can seize or create. https://t.co/sGN95iLw7N — James Bovard (@JimBovard) December 21, 2021 Manchin is guilty of rejecting the “government spending as magic beans” philosophy that permeates the Biden administration. Build […]

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jpb press tv cover for federal reserve interview 8 27 2015

Economic Suicide: Federal Reserve Destroys the Dollar

From today’s interview with Press TV.  Their journalist caught me early in the day before I had done any cussing, so I probably wasn’t as caustic as I should have been. ****** Experts are correct in blaming the US Federal Reserve’s policies for a nosedive that the US dollar has taken in value, says an […]

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