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Trump Bust, TikTok, Democracy – Brian Wilson Podcast

Former #1 NYC Radio Host Brian Wilson & I have fun smacking Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s Trump bust, the financial crisis, “democracy,” TikTok, and a few innocent bystanders.  Listen to the podcast by clicking here   or – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-week-so-far-brian-wilson-and-james-bovard/id1638506178?i=1000607778723

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New York Post: Liberals and “Will of the People” Malarkey

Biden's #BuildBackBetter relies on “modern monetary theory” — intellectual hucksterism which presumes any election winner is entitled to spend as many dollars as the government can seize or create. https://t.co/sGN95iLw7N — James Bovard (@JimBovard) December 21, 2021 Manchin is guilty of rejecting the “government spending as magic beans” philosophy that permeates the Biden administration. Build […]

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jpb press tv cover for federal reserve interview 8 27 2015

Economic Suicide: Federal Reserve Destroys the Dollar

From today’s interview with Press TV.  Their journalist caught me early in the day before I had done any cussing, so I probably wasn’t as caustic as I should have been. ****** Experts are correct in blaming the US Federal Reserve’s policies for a nosedive that the US dollar has taken in value, says an […]

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