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Drug Courier Profiles Begot Terrorist Watch Lists

From the Future of Freedom Foundation – HOW DRUG-COURIER PROFILES BEGOT TERRORIST WATCH LISTS by James Bovard Friends of freedom have been chagrined over the past decade to learn that federal terrorist watch lists incorporate criteria — such as openly praising the Constitution or the Second Amendment — that put them in the crosshairs. More […]

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My USA Today piece: Drug Lessons from a Convict Road Gang

USA Today, August 13, 2013 Drug lessons from a convict road gang: Column by James Bovard Attorney General Eric Holder announced Monday that the Justice Department would cease seeking convictions for possessing small quantities of illegal substances. Holder’s decision is a welcome reversal from decades of the feds brutally imposing mandatory minimum prison sentences on […]

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Counterpunch: My Supreme Court Fashion Felony

Counterpunch, May 20, 2013 Booted for Laughing at Drug War My Supreme Court Fashion Felony by JAMES BOVARD In March 1995, I visited the sacred burial ground of Americans’ rights and liberties – the Supreme Court. Working on an article for Playboy, I went to watch lawyers argue a case of great principle and tawdry details. […]

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