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N.Y. Post: Fauci’s FOIA Follies Show Faux Transparency in DC

New York Post, May 29, 2024 Fauci’s FOIA follies show ‘transparency’ in Washington has always been a fraud by James Bovard Republican congressional investigators are exposing brazen COVID cover-ups by the National Institutes for Health and top aides to Anthony Fauci. Bureaucrats have dodged complying with the Freedom of Information Act — a law meant […]

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Kazan, Russia - May 4, 2021: The photo illustrates the use of censorship in the social network facebook. Censored in Facebook. Word "CENSORED" on the background of the Facebook logo.

‘The Most Massive Attack Against Free Speech in United States History’

‘The Most Massive Attack Against Free Speech in United States History’ by James Bovard Sometime since January 2021, Biden administration policymakers decided that they were infallible—or a “close enough for government work” level of infallible. They claimed a divine right to suppress the online posts and comments of conservatives and anyone else who had a […]

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N.Y. Post: Private-federal censorship machine targeted TRUE ‘misinformation’

New York Post, March 18, 2023 Private-federal censorship machine targeted TRUE ‘misinformation’ By James Bovard Did you make any “worrisome jokes” about the Biden administration’s proposal to send agents door-to-door to browbeat people to get COVID vaccines? Then you were a public enemy guilty of spreading dangerous disinformation. Did you ask questions about COVID policy? […]

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Pounding Fauci for 3 Years on Twitter

Fauci is trending on Twitter today. The Wall Street Journal just exposed the coverup of the Covid-19 leaking from a Wuhan lab that Fauci helped bankroll (confirming prior exposes). Since April 2020, I have been pounding Fauci on Twitter. Here’s a round-up of accolades I tossed out for “Mr. Science.” Perhaps Fauci will paraphrase a […]

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