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Wrangling and Rollicking Again on Virginia Radio Network

Libertarian talk show legend Brian Wilson is guest-hosting the  Virginia Institute for Public Policy’s weekly radio broadcast. We had a rattlin’ good time flogging federal agencies, a few presidents, and anyone else conspiring against our rights and liberties. Here is the Institute’s summary of the show: “Jim  Bovard, author of Attention Deficit  Democracy,  engages in […]

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Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Boost Unemployment

From  my too-damn-early-in-the-morning monologue for Press TV: The unemployment benefits program in the US has “major adverse effects” and kills Americans’ “incentive” to go out and look for a job, says James Bovard, policy advisor for The Future of Freedom Foundation. “There are a number of major adverse effects from perpetuating these unemployment benefits, especially […]

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“James Bovard, Your a BAD editor”

Here’s my favorite comment so far on the Washington  Times’ “Obama’s Obesity Epidemic” op-ed. Dan wrote: “James Bovard is an idiot, blame the president for diabetes. If you don’t like a politicians, do some real research. In short wheat, processed foods, the United States Department of Agriculture are the leading cause in growing diabetes. Not the […]

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My 1983 “Feeding Everybody” / Food Stamp Failure article

Yesterday’s Washington Times’ “Obama’s Obesity Epidemic” article is spurring some controversy.  Rush Limbaugh quoted the piece and the liberal website Media Matters attacked his statements.  Media Matters also asserted that “Bovard mislead his readers about obesity studies to craft a false narrative that food stamp use is linked to childhood obesity.” But there is far more evidence of that link that was […]

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Wash. Times: Obama’s Obesity Epidemic

Washington Times, December 3, 2013 BOVARD: Obama’s obesity epidemic by James Bovard Federal food programs are now feeding more than 100 million Americans. The number of recipients has soared in recent years, thanks in part to Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign pledge to abolish childhood hunger by 2015. The food-aid explosion is worsening the nation’s obesity […]

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Barron’s Op-Ed: Time to Reform Food Stamps

, November 23, 2013 Reform Food Stamps for Good Nutrition By JAMES BOVARD The Agriculture Department should reform the food-stamp program to permit beneficiaries to purchase only high-nutrient foods. Since President Barack Obama took office in January 2009, food-stamp spending has more than doubled, to roughly $80 billion a year, and the number of recipients […]

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Wash. Post Finally Sees the Light on Food Stamps?

  The Washington Post had an excellent front-page article on Sunday on how food stamps are spawning epidemics of obesity and diabetes. I especially enjoyed the article because, 30 years ago, a Washington Post editorial denounced me after I wrote a long piece (entitled “Feeding Everybody“) on the failure of federal food assistance for Heritage Foundation’s […]

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