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The Canine Constitutional Veto

Police Dogs Have Abolished Constitutional Due Process by James Bovard   The Fifth Amendment declares, “No person shall be . . . deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” Except by dogs. The Supreme Court declared in 1967, “Wherever a man may be, he is entitled to know that he will remain free from […]

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N.Y. Post: Joe Biden’s State of the Union ‘shrinkflation’ swindle

New York Post, March 6, 2024 Joe Biden’s State of the Union ‘shrinkflation’ swindle  Since Joe Biden became president, the dollar’s purchasing power has shrunk by 18% as Americans suffered the worst inflationary ravages since the Carter era. But that plunge is trivial compared with the nation’s real affliction: Snack companies “charge you just as […]

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Will TSA Steal Your Mug?

Will TSA Steal Your Mug? by James Bovard January 22, 2024 Dorothy Parker’s signature line, “What fresh hell is this?” is the new the mantra for travelers at American airports. TSA is rapidly expanding a program in which travelers stand in photo kiosks that compare their faces with a federal database of photos from passport […]

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N.Y. Post: Feds are Buying Your Life with Your Tax Dollars

LISTEN TO THIS ARTICLE: New York Post, June 20, 2023 The feds are buying mountains of your personal data and one day could use it against you by James Bovard Federal agencies are secretly accumulating mountains of data that could be used for “blackmail, stalking, harassment and public shaming” of American citizens. That allegation doesn’t […]

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