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jpb quote jpeg by Natalie F D on Assange & Wikileaks

Set Julian Assange Free: My Matt Kibbe Interview

Here’s my 50 second hat tip to Julian Assange from my recent interview with Matt Kibbe and Free the People. From my Saving Assange & Free Speech article last month in the American Conservative: Almost all the media coverage of the Assange case is failing to credit him for revealing how blindfolding citizens defines down […]

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Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 20-40-08 Government Commits More Crimes than We Know Guest James Bovard Ep 273

Talking Last Rights with Matt Kibbe on Liberty

Hearty thanks to Matt Kibbe and Free the People for inviting me on this podcast. Plenty more comic relief where this came from at this link – Here’s a link to my outtake video on my East German adventure along with the NY Times article after I exited East Berlin Here is an outtake photo […]

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Biden and the Ghost of Duncan Lemp

American Conservative, March 1, 2024 Inside the Latest Biden Showdown With Second Amendment Devotees by James Bovard The White House’s anti-gun campaign threatens to repeat sins of law enforcement’s recent past.   “His name was Duncan Lemp” is a common phrase among violent extremists, according to the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Symbols report. The Washington Post sneered […]

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Thumping the Feds And Other Rascals on Brian Wilson Podcast

The Two and Only — Brian Wilson and James Bovard S2 Ep 50   Listen or download the show by clicking the link Talk show misanthrope Brian Wilson and Last Rights author James Bovard return to rehearse the eulogy for Free Speech and check on your privacy in the ICU. Brian Wilson Check Brian’s Substack here […]

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Is Free Speech a Relic in America?

Is Free Speech a Relic in America? by James Bovard  December 12, 2023 Is the First Amendment becoming a historic relic? On July 4, 2023, federal judge Terry Doughty condemned the Biden administration for potentially “the most massive attack against free speech in United States history.” That verdict was ratified by a federal appeals court […]

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