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Is College Worthwhile? A Two-Time Dropout’s Take

Is College Worthwhile? A Two-Time Dropout’s Take by James Bovard President Biden is tub-thumping for Congress to create new federal handouts to make college free for the vast majority of students. But as Ryan McMaken and other commentators on mises.org have pointed out, college is vastly overpriced and overrated nowadays. My view on college stems […]

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thoreau 1896 drawing copyright free Henry_David_Thoreau_by_Vallotton

Losing Thoreau in Boston

Mises Institute, July 11, 2020 You Don’t Have to “Cultivate Poverty” to Pursue Truth, Contrary to Thoreau by James Bovard Henry David Thoreau has inspired generation of Americans to live fuller, freer lives. From his story of spending a night in jail as a tax protestor in “Civil Disobedience” to his chronicle of solitary living […]

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My Path-Breaking Work at the Harvard Business School

The Northeast is getting whacked by a blizzard, bringing back memories of one of my favorite gigs when I lived in Boston in the late 1970s.  Following is an excerpt from the Public Policy Hooligan chapter on “Playing Left Field in Boston.”  That chapter begins, “My 1977 move to Boston was akin to the Beverly […]

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