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D.C. Devil’s Dictionary Redux at Advocates

The good folks at the Advocates for Self-Government reposted a chunk of my USA Today Devil’s Dictionary piece last week. I learned via email this morning that Sharon Harris is retiring after 20 years as the president of the Advocates. Sharon has done great work – she is very savvy and is the incarnation of a […]

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Reason’s J.D. Tuccille on the D.C. Devil’s Dictionary

Reason’s J.D. Tuccille, the author of the highly-recommended High Desert Barbeque,  wrote the following on the USA Today D.C. Devil’s Dictionary piece: ‘Freedom — whatever rulers have not yet benevolently prohibited’ When discussing government, cynicism just can’t go far enough J.D. Tuccille|Apr. 14, 2015 1:51 pm That definition in the headline comes courtesy of occasional […]

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Speech: “Fighting Leviathan for Fun & Freedom”

Property Rights Foundation of America:  Fighting Leviathan for Fun and Freedom By James Bovard Eighteenth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights, Latham, New York,  October 25, 2014I’m honored to speak to an audience full of hard core freedom fighters. Carol LaGrasse is one of my heroes — she has done such fine work for so many […]

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Boston Radio Show on my Santa Claus Gig

Here’s a MP3 clip of a zesty December 12th interview on the Good American radio show talking about my gig as a Santa Claus.  The host was Charles Rivers and it was broadcast on Cambridge/Boston’s WEMF Radio. We had a fine durn time. For the full story on the Santa gig and other misadventures, see Public Policy Hooligan.

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Thanksgiving & My Father’s Favorite Poem

This is the time of year when folks use sweetened condensed milk for pumpkin pie, peanut butter fudge, and many other holiday treats. Every time I see those cans advertised, I am reminded of my father’s favorite poem. My father worked on farms for most of his life, including two summers during high school on […]

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