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WSJ: Confessions of a One Season Santa Claus (2011)

A lot of folks say that freelance writers never do any honest work.  Pshaw! I worked as a Santa Claus more than 30 years ago, so that charge doesn’t apply to me. Here’s a repost of a riff that was published in the Wall Street Journal three years ago.  I used this story in my memoir essay, […]

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USA Today: Govt. by Cromnibus – blind, deaf, & dumb

USA TODAY, December 12, 2014 Government by Cromnibus – blind, deaf and dumb: Column by James Bovard The Know-Nothing Party Rules Us All “You can lead a man to Congress but you can’t make him think,” quipped Milton Berle in 1950. Last night’s House of Representatives’ approval of the 1,603 page, $1 trillion Cromnibus bill […]

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Thanksgiving & My Father’s Favorite Poem

This is the time of year when folks use sweetened condensed milk for pumpkin pie, peanut butter fudge, and many other holiday treats. Every time I see those cans advertised, I am reminded of my father’s favorite poem. My father worked on farms for most of his life, including two summers during high school on […]

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