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2015 A Great Year for Ruckuses – Thanks for Comments!

I want to thank the good folks who commented here this year.  It was a good year for making it hot for Washington rascals. Here’s a roundup of the logos of agencies I tagged this year in USA Today, Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, F.F.F., and elsewhere. I wish you “good hunting” in the […]

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A photo/poster from the 2011 Egyptian protests against the Mubarak regime

Germany Should Release Courageous Al Jazeera Journalist Ahmed Mansour

The German government seized one of Al Jazeera’s best known and most courageous journalists, Ahmed Mansour, this weekend at the behest of the Egyptian government.  Al Jazeera has done some of the best work of any media organization in the world exposing the abuses and oppression of the Egyptian government.  It is appalling that a western government […]

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Mutts Investigative Journalist Vindication Capture

How Investigative Journalists Vindicate Themselves

Some folks wonder sometimes about the purpose of journalism. Well, sometimes barking is its own reward.  The real problem is not the journalists that bark but those that grovel at the feet of govt. officials awaiting a pat on the head or a “scoop” that serves only Leviathan. h/t to Patrick McDonnell for another great […]

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FFF: Freedom Lost in Obama’s Secrecy-Censorship Crossfire

FUTURE OF FREEDOM FOUNDATION, September 2014 issue of Freedom Daily Freedom Lost in Obama’s Secrecy-Censorship Crossfire by James Bovard On June 2 the Supreme Court provided invaluable aid to the Obama administration’s campaign to protect Americans from evidence of federal abuses. The Court acceded to the administration’s appeal and refused to hear a free-speech case […]

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U.VA. Gang Rape Story Collapses

Rolling Stone magazine issued a statement today: “In the face of new information, there now appear to be discrepancies in Jackie’s account, and we have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced.”   So we are supposed to think the magazine was a victim? What a crock. “New information” such as […]

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